PhoneBook Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  How to make a printout of the Department List?

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Log in with your PUC Username and Password.
Step 3. Click "Printable List" on the left menu.
Step 4. For a Department listing: Click "Select a Department" and click the department desired.
Step 5. For a full Department, Faculty/Staff, and/or Student listing, check off the desired options and click the "Submit" button.
Step 6. Select File --> Print from the browsers menu.

2.  How come I can't log in?

Only those with a current PUC account are allowed to log in to the phoneBook. If you do have a PUC account, please contact ITSS at 965-7000.

3.  How come I cannot find a student at PUC?

Only currently registered students are shown in the phoneBook.

4.  Why can't I see my friend's address, phone number, or picture?

You need to log in using a valid PUC account.

5.  My personal information is incorrect. How do I fix it?

Please contact ITSS at 965-7000 or to make corrections.

6.  I don't like my picture in the phoneBook. What can I do about it?

The phoneBook displays your ID picture. You can either have another picture taken, or contact ITSS to not have your picture shown.

7.  Searching by department doesn't show any students. How come?

Students cannot be found by using department. Please use other search criteria to find them.

If you are having problems logging in please contact
Information Technology Systems and Services at 707-965-7000